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2013 Videos


January 29, 2013, 50-state Project Honorees Video: West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Washington


February 14, 2013, 50-state Project Honorees Video (Part 1): Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas

February 14, 2013, 50-state Project Honorees Video (Part 2): Alabama, Alaska, Arizona and Arkansas


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2012 Videos

Nov 14 - Oklahoma Women Writers: Pulse of Blood Memory Video

July 2012, Video of Cather Scholars(filmed in 2013)

May 2012, 50 State Project(filmed in 2013)

AWWNM & Louisiana CFB-See Videos & Photos

AWWNM & Okla
Co-sponsor-See Photos, Brochures

New York State CFB co- hosts reception honoring authors

AWWNM's Exciting 50-state Project is zooming into a 3rd year,
with partnered Events below!

Eva Haymon, Poet Laureate, Louisiana Julie Kane, Poet Laureate Emeritus
Janice: “We’ll never thank you enough for all your efforts on our behalf in Washington, D.C. for the 4/16/14 poetry event cosponsored with AWWNM and the Louisiana Center for the Book. I appreciate the service you render to poetry and to women writers. Your commitment is palpable and your spirit is positive.”

L-R Past Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane, Janice Law and current Poet Laureate Ava Haymon speak at AWWNM event co-sponsored by Louisiana State Library and Louisiana Center for the book.

SOUTH DAKOTA VISIT L-R Jennifer Widman, Director of the South Dakota Center for the Book, Sherry Deboer, Executive Director of the South Dakota Humanities Council (standing), and Janice Law (right) visit in Brookings, SD about SD women writers.

Janice Law, AWWNM Founder, discusses American Women Writers with poet Dana Gioia, who spoke in March 2013 when AWWNM honored California women writers as part of the 50-state Project.

Watch Interview with Poet Dana Gioia

FOIA WOMEN Experts on Freedom of Information Act, at AWWNM’s April 17 event. L-R - Angela Canterbury, Project on Government Oversight (POGO), Janice Law (AWWNM Founder), and attorney Lucy Dalglish, Dean of Merrill School of Journalism at University of Maryland.
Click here for video with 50-state Project excerpts from women writers in D.C., Florida, Georgia and Hawaii.


LOUISIANA POETS Respond to Audience Questions.

AWWNM visits MONTANA Center for the Book – Samantha Dwyer, (right) program assistant, and Janice Law hold AWWNM flyers. Law visited the Montana Humanities offices in Missoula. To print a free poster featuring Montana women writers, Click HERE.

AWWNM Playwrights Panel, Washington, D.C.
- L-R: Mary Hall Surface; Jennifer Nelson; Renee Calarco; Janice Law, Founder. Click to hear Stellar playwrights describe their craft; plus reps from playwright groups.

May 15, 2013 - 50-STATE PROJECT Playwrights read for 50 state Project honoring women writers in Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine Click to hear about women writers from Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Maine

WILLA CATHER SCHOLARS participated in readings for 50-state March 2013 State Program honoring women writers from California, Colorado, Connecticut & Delaware.
See 50-state video for California, Colorado, Connecticut & Delaware

WEST VIRGINIA STARS - -- L-R: Oprah Winfrey featured poet Rachel Griffiths read from book of West Virginia Poet Laureate Irene McKinney, Jamie Bosley of West Virginia State Society read from novelist Denise Giardina, Chris Greaver, President of the West Virginia State Society in DC read work of Nobel Laureate Pearl Buck, and Janice Law, AWWNM Founder, moderated. Music of Hazel Dickens was played January 29, 2013, at co-sponsored event with AWWNM and West Virginia Center for the Book at National Press Club.
To See Jan 29, 2013 Video, Click on link at left.


Thank you for the great program on Oklahoma Women Writers and for your generous hospitality! I appreciate your very kind introduction. Rilla Askew presented such a meaningful message which really connected with us Oklahomans. I often gage the success of Oklahoma events in DC by if they make you feel like you are in Oklahoma again. This was a wonderful success! Your comments also  were so professional and the AWWNM program had such depth and professional structure. I was very taken with the program and really look forward to attending future AWWNM programs.
Thank you again..
Larry Guthrie

AWWNM and Oklahoma CFB program Nov. 14 - -- L-R: Larry Guthrie, writer Rilla Askew, AWWNM founder Janice Law, Oklahoma State Society President Tabitha Layman.

50-state Honorees L-R -- Julie Kane, Louisiana 2012 Poet Laureate, Janice Law, Poet Ava Leavell Haymon, autograph their Louisiana listing on AWWNM’s May 2012 Honoree List Poster.

Click Here for Article
New York State Society hosts reception honoring authors

LITERARY NEW YORK & AWWNM - L-R: Janice Law, AWWNM founder; Rocco Staino, chair, Empire State CFB, and Bev Frey, president New York State Society of D.C., pause near AWWNM's 50-state poster at their September jointly-sponsored 50-state Project event at the Army-Navy Club.

50-state Project Launched in May, 2012.  

Look on the 50-state Project list (below) of the American Women Writers National Museum-- to see in what month women writers from your native, adopted, or favorite state will be showcased at National Press Club, 529 14th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20045.

Also, below, read ways you can participate even if you can't visit D.C.

State "assignment" opportunities are:

    MAY 2012
    Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine

    JUNE 2012
    Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota

    JULY 2012
    Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska

    AUGUST 2012
    Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico

    SEPTEMBER 2012
    New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio

    OCTOBER 2012
    Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

    NOVEMBER 2012
    South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas

    DECEMBER 2012
    Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Virgin Islands

    JANUARY, 2013
    Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

    FEBRUARY 2013
    Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas

    MARCH 2013
    California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware

    APRIL 2013
    District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii

    MAY 2013
    Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa

    JUNE 2013
    Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine

         AWWNM's exciting 50- state project is offering CFB affiliates a creative opportunty to program a portion of an assigned month in AWWNM, to laud the brilliant work of premier American women writers of that state.

         Four states are assigned alphabetically to each month to present in D.C.-- programs during any week of that month, individually or as a four-state group. To facilitate rotation, so no state is permanently  "stuck" with a month they don't like, your state's talented women writers can shine for a month nationally every 13 months.

         Because of budget slashes and for other reasons, many will not be able to actually travel to D.C. for the month in which your native, adoptive or favorite state is showcasing its brilliant American literary lionesses. But AWWNM welcomes your participation from faraway by:

  1. Sending AWWNM, any posters, brochures, or other printed materials from your state.
  2. Contacting media in your state, or D.C. bureaus thereof, to publicize AWWNM events. Suggesting a reception, reading or other event at AWWNM individually, or with the other three states, during your month.
  3. Emailing, tweeting, phoning  D.C.- area friends, organizations, legislators and Congress members, inviting them to stop by AWWNM or send a rep during the month AWWNM features your state.
  4. EZ: email favorite names to AWWNM of American women poets, screenwriters, historians, journalists from your state-- to be posted on AWWNM's website, and museum message board during your state's month.

         AWWNM's 50 state enterprise is new. As with any debut idea, we will  begin small with baby steps, and there will be kinks to be resolved. AWWNM hopes 50-state will grow and improve each year. Although AWWNM is a CFB reading partner, the 50- state blueprint is solely AWWNM's creative brainstorm!

         Looking forward!


Janice Law, founder




American Women Writers National Museum

American Women Writers National Museum
PO Box 22365
Houston, Texas 77227-2365

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