AWWNM & Okla Co-sponsor - Photos, Brochures, Bookmarks

AWWNM and Oklahoma CFB program Nov. 14 -- L-R: Larry Guthrie, writer Rilla Askew, AWWNM founder Janice Law, Oklahoma State Society President Tabitha Layman.
Oklahomans in D.C. Wow! -- Tabitha Layman, two-term President of the Oklahoma State Society in Washington, D.C. introduces Oklahoma-sponsored author Rilla Askew (in red), at AWWNM 2012 event.
Co-sponsors AWWNM and OCFB -- AWWNM and Oklahoma Center for the Book co-sponsored 2012 event with Oklahoma author Rilla Askew, in red, speaking to Nov. 14 audience at National Press Club.
Schmoozing at NPC Book Fair -- L-R: AWWNM founder Janice Law escorted Oklahoma author Rilla Askew around 35th Annual event.
Multi-platinum country music star Lee Greenwood visits with Oklahoma author Rilla Askew at the National Press Club 2012 Book Fair. Greenwood is a former member of the National Council on the Arts.
Making a Point -- Author Rilla Askew at 2012 National Press Club Book Fair chats with non-fiction author Deborah Davis. AWWNM arranged Askew’s visit to the Book Fair.


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