If you have questions, comments, or would like to nominate your favorite American woman writer and her work, please contact:



    There's going to be an exciting new museum in D.C.

    Dedicated to American women writers historical and contemporary.

    Women screenwriters, playwrights, authors, journalists, poets too:

    Adams, Alcott, Cather, Lee, Danielle, Drew, Angelou-- to name just a few!

    Peek at for a preview.

    AWWNM seeks honoree nominations from individuals and each state.

    Suggesting your favorite American women writers & why-- would be great!

    A national showcase of America's premier cultural chroniclers! Oh My!

    Their work inspired, entertained, enlightened, scared and made us aim high.

    A capital-based venue for readings, interactive exhibits, meetings and such,

    For sending your thoughts and contributions, thank you very much!

--Janice Law


Click here for a list of American women writers who have won the Pulitzer Prize in letters, drama and music.

American Women Writers National Museum
PO Box 22365
Houston, Texas 77227-2365

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