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L-R-Janice Law, AWWNM founder with Betty Kennedy and quilter Jane Alford at the 2013 annual Writers Symposium in Monroeville, Alabama, home of American woman writer Harper Lee.
March 17, 2011, Washington, D.C. Center for the Book Idea Exchange Annual Meeting of CFB Partners Wally Amos (“Famous Amos”), Janice Law, and Carlos Collazo, Chairman and CEO Marsys Company, confer about Read it Loud! program of Center for the Book, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

March 16, 2011, Washington, D.C. Newseum; Roberta A. Stevens, President of the American Library Association, Janice Law, and Emily S. Sheketoff, ALA Executive Director, chat about AWWNM during a Freedom of Information Conference at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

AWWNM Board member Larry Guthrie is inducted into the Librarian Hall of Fame of the Special Libraries Association in June 2017 ceremonies of the annual SLA meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

Janice Law discusses AWWNM with Pulitzer Prize winner and U.S. Poet Laureate (1993-95) Rita Dove.

SHARING A LAUGH -- L-R: Playwrights Mary Hall Surface, Jennifer Nelson, Renee Calarco

KATHERINE ANNE PORTER panel presents at AWWNM: L-R Christine Hait, Christine Grogan, Darlene Urrue, Jerry Findley, Janice Law (AWWNM founder), Beth Alvarez.


AWWNM ADVISORY BOARD: Award- winning Deborah Ziska is joining AWWNM's Honorary Advisory Board. Ziska is Chief of Press and Public Information at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. where she has worked for 21 years. She also teaches at Johns Hopkins University.

June 5, 2013 -- AWWNM Playwrights Panel, Renee Calarco speaks. Seated Bottom, L-R: Margaret and Dave Frederickson, J.C. Patrick, Mary Hall Surface, Jennifer Nelson

Deborah Ziska, Chief Press Officer for the National Gallery of Art, and honorary member of AWWNM's Board of Directors, visits with Janice Law about AWWNM's progress.

FUNDRAISING IS FUN! Janice Law discusses AWWNM fundraising with two high profile American billionaires: legendary Texas oil man T. Boone Pickens, right, and environmental activist Ted Turner, left. Both entrepreneurs, each of whom has a philanthropic foundation, spoke in April, 2011 to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. where Law is a member.

: L-R: Gail Harrity, President, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Janice Law, and Lynn Marsden-Atlass, University of Pennsylvania curator, chat about favorite American women writers.

TOURING CSPAN TV: Janice Law poses on the famous news set of CSpan TV in Washington, D.C. where she met with CSpan founder Brian Lamb to discuss Law's  plans for the American Women Writers National Museum.

Trade Marking of AWWNM -- Janice Law, left, meets in Washington, D.C. with Fulbright & Jaworski trademark attorneys Paul Williamson and Tracy DeMarco, who contributed pro bono legal services.

ASK A HARVARD MAN: Robert Darnton, director of the Harvard University library, talks with Janice Law on selecting materials for AWWNM. Darnton, a Harvard grad, is a Rhodes Scholar and MacArthur Fellow who worked as a New York Times reporter. Law served as a NYT stringer in Houston.

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