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10/8/14 -
Children’s Writer Tripp

CHILDHOOD FUN! American Girl Author Valerie Tripp describes how, as a child, she and siblings made Hawaiian skirts from newspapers, for family skits. Tripp’s animated speaking style captivated AWWNM’s audience.

3/28/14 - “I Call With All My Voices”

L-R – Poet Laureate Emeritus Marilyn Nelson, Janice Law (AWWNM Founder), and Lavonda Broadnax, scholar and historian.

9/19/13 - “Business of Romance” panelists

L-R Janice Law, founder; Joyce Lamb, USA Today blogger; Cassandra Corcoran, romance writer; Amanda Brice, romance writer; Janeen Solberg, manager, Nora Roberts bookstore; Ruth Glick, novelist.

8/16/12 - Literary Foodstuffs

Literary Foodstuffs: Panelists (L-R) Jennifer Cognard-Black, Janice Law (AWWNM Founder), Melissa Goldthwaite, April Linder, and E.J. Levy

6/07/12 -"Sh-h-h-h-h..Don't Tell Anyone: Secrets to Finding a Literary Agent" Lecture by Carole Sargent

AWWNM’s June 7, 2012 Educational Program “How to Get an Agent”
L-R: Nicole, Guest, Janice Law, Guest, Dr. Carole Sargent

Dr. Carole Sargent of Georgetown University lectures to AWWNM attendees - “How to Get an Agent”

Princeton Club, New York City New York Center for Book -- Annual Hall of Fame Gala L-R: Janice Law, Toni Morrison, winner of the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes.


5/09/12-Law speaks on AWWNM at Library of Congress

L-R:  Janice Law, Helen Hester-Ossa of Copyright Section, Library of Congress. May 9, 2012, Library of Congress Elevator P.

May 9, 2012, “Actors” - Library of Congress employees took dramatic roles in
Janice Law’s Sci Fi & Fantasy short story.

May 9, 2012, Library of Congress.  Janice Law presents Sci Fi & Fantasy short story lecture.

HONORING American Poet Emily Dickinson

L-R Emily Dickinson Scholar Martha Nell Smith; AWWNM Founder, Janice Law; and Dickinson Scholar Nelly Lewis Lambert at Nov. 6, 2013 AWWNM program.


AMY ELLIS NUTT WON A PULITZER! The Washington Post staffer, who won the 2011 prize for feature writing, regales the AWWNM audience with tips from her reporter work, and anecdotes on her road to journalism’s highest and most prestigious honor.

11/6/14 - Emily D. Comedienne?

Scholar Nelly Lewis Lambert discusses Poet Emily Dickinson AWWNM program with fans; including Elizabeth Brownstein, right.

4/17/13 FOIA Women

Experts on Freedom of Information Act, at AWWNM’s April 17 event. L-R - Angela Canterbury, Project on Government Oversight (POGO), Janice Law (AWWNM Founder), and attorney Lucy Dalglish, Dean of Merrill School of Journalism at University of Maryland.

6/8/12 Mysterious Women

AWWNM Panel - Mysterious Women Who Know Their Place L-R: Karna Bodman, Marcia Talley, Janice Law (standing), Elizabeth Foxwell, Ellen Crosby, Donna Andrews. (For audio of Nancy Drew panel, Click Here)

8/16/12 - Edible Poems?

Edible Poems Panel - Food Writers (L-R) Jennifer Cognard-Black, Melissa Goldthwaite, April Linder, and E.J. Levy

6/05/12 - Center for Book: Annual Hall of Fame Induction


Princeton Club, New York City New York Center for Book -- Annual Hall of Fame Induction
L-R: Janice Law, Joyce Carol Oates

5/11/12 - AWWNM's Fantastic Heroines! Panel


May 11, 2012, “Fantastic Heroines” panel at AWWNM.

L-R:  Sci Fi & Fantasy authors at AWWNM Panel - “Fantastic Heroines.” Jagi Lamlighter, Brenda Clough, Janice Law, Colleen Cahill, Jeri Smith-Ready.

Audience meets authors at AWWNM.  Author Jeri Smith-Ready meets a fan at the
May 11, 2012 panel on Sci Fi & Fantasy at AWWNM.

Kathi Overton videotaping AWWNM Fantastic Heroines panel May 11, 2012. Overton donated her services.

May 11, 2012 - Audience at Fantastic Heroines AWWNM panel.



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